I wish I could have a little space to put my thoughts and journal.

When you had a cat

When you had a cat,
You knew it must be lying somewhere in this house--
Perhaps on the cool floor by the washing machine,
Or in the blanket by the window.
When you approached,
It would bother to move its head and look at you,
And Miao --
Asking why you were here,
Or sharing its thoughts which you never understood.

When you had a cat,
You knew you would see it at a corner,
Or probably on the sofa, practice its paws.
You might be surprised or get angry,
But it would end up by picking up this naughty cat,
Gently warning that
You would throw it out of the door if it ever happened again.
And you knew you never would.

When you had a cat,
You would enjoy the moment
You got its fish out of the refrigerator,
Because you knew it would follow you.
You would be careful when got up at night,
Being afraid that you might step upon its tail.
You knew you love it,
Never wanted to hurt it,
Because it's a part of your life.

But one day,
It got out of your life and never came back,
In a way you refused to remind yourself of.

You would still expect to find it,
On the floor by the washing machine,
In the blanket by the window,
At the corner or on the sofa,
Following you for the fish.
You would still be careful when you got up at night,
But suddenly realize that you need not do so.

And when you heard cats calling each other,
You would stop to look at them,
Even through you knew it won't be yours.

That's what happens when you had a cat.


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