I wish I could have a little space to put my thoughts and journal.

I'm afraid...

Now I go through the letters I jotted down years ago, 

remembering the days we shared these touching words from the books we shared, 

lying down with the sadness that I forgot how to talk with you, 

through your smile is still so vivid. 

And now I jot down sentences I meet on my own journey, 

as if I would see, one day, with another person, I would say, 

that was in my school years... 

but could not remember which article did it come from. 

To the years past and friends lost, 

the happiness was real, 

perhaps the details have been lost, 

but we still charish the smiles. 

At least I hope so. 


I met one of you after lunch, 

and before we said goodbye, 

you said, 

now we have come to the place that we don't understand each other's life any longer. 

I did not know what to say. 

I did not know if it was doomed to be so. 

But, to be honest, that was exactly I felt, since I started to recollect the letters we shared. 



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