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31 Days After Break Up (分手后的31天,失败版)



Day 1

She sat in bed for two hours thinking about him. 

He was playing his game. 

Day 2

She packed all his belongings and put them in the hallway. 

He turned to her city. 

Day 3

She trembled at the package, so she move it to the basement. 

He tweeted his pics with his teammates, laughing.

Day 4

She mailed the package to him. 

He won the practice game within the team. 

Day 5

She flight back to her hometown. 

He flight to another game. 

Day 6

She started working, at the university. 

He won the game. 

Day 7

She met an old friend and they went out for a drink. 

He returned and recieved the mail. 

Day 8

She travelled to London to meet her brothers. 

He saw her pics on tweet. 

Day 9

She stayed at home with her brothers. 

Rumors fly around the world. 

He tried to phone her. 

The number you are dealing is wrong. 

Day 10

Forever Love. 

She wrote, under a pic with her brothers. 

He dropped his phone. 

Day 11

In a sweet dream she dreamed about him. 

Her brother took a photo when she was asleep. 

He saw it, and could not fall asleep. 

Day 12

She returned to work. 

He found himself trying to kiss her in his dream. 

Day 13

She played against her old friends after work. 

I miss you. 

He wrote, but deleted the letters one by one. 

Day 14

I am out of love... 

She replied on facebook. 

He saw it. He wrote another e-mail to her, but did not get anything back. 

Day 15

It was Saturday. 

She still worked. 

He flight to her in the evening. 

Day 16

She met him on her way to work. 

They kissed. 

They got back together. 

I cannot live even half a month without you. 

They kissed again. 

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